Director: Sheyan Gunaplaa

Release Date: 23rd May

Genre: Thriller

Starring: Adam Wood, Patrick Black

Synopsis: A murderous vigilante takes on a notorious drug ring.


An exciting and cerebral thriller from a promising young director. The Vigilante explores the inherently psychological concepts of abuse, youth trauma and post-traumatic stress. The film follows a mysterious hooded vigilante figure who slowly appears to be killing off members of a suburban drug ring in a bid to rid the streets of their dangerous presence. Shot nicely in an almost sepia colour pallet, the visual direction and heavy use of disorienting dutch-angles paints a cohesive and almost surreal picture of human beings at their most desperate and vile. A fantastic journey into the depths of a depraved mind.


Director: Sheyan Gunaplaa

Release Date: 29th April

Genre: Comedy

Starring: Patrick Black, Alexander Maiolo

Synopsis: The SRC members of a suburban high-school investigate a shocking homework-related crime.


SRC is an interesting, albeit confused film. On one hand, it has its occasional moments of absolute hilarity, mostly due to a stand-out performance from local newcomer and rising film star, Pat Black, but is let down by a muddled third-act and several jokes which don't quite hit bulls-eye. SRC follows several comically incompetent SRC agents who have been tasked with investigating a case involving the deliberate destruction of homework. Ignoring some odd choices in plotting and some poorly-explained twists in the story, there is fun to be had here.


Director: Name Withheld Upon Request

Release Date: 26th May

Starring: Names Withheld Upon Request

Synopsis: A week in the lives of three patrons of a Melbourne pub.


Where even to begin with this film? Produced on a reported budget of two ham sandwiches, this locally produced independent animated bowel-movement of a motion picture has been forced onto national cinema screens in what can only be described as a comprehensive unprovoked attack on the Australian public. Drunk Luck's "plot" revolves around the ultimately depressing and downright asinine lives of three ugly regulars at a pub located in Melbourne's southern suburbs. To discuss the plot any further would be a complete waste of my time and yours. To discuss this film any further in writing would be an insult to the fundamental concept of typography. Avoid at all costs.

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